Why is Bobbi Kristina Brown REALLY changing her name?

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Will Bobbi Kristina change her name to Kristina Houston?The news from Whitney Houston’s family seems to be never ending this week.  On Sunday, Bobbi Kristina Brown and Gary and Pat Houston (Whitney’s brother and sister-in-law) appeared on OWN discussing Whitney’s death with media maven Oprah Winfrey.  Now, Bobbi Kristina is the one making headlines.

The 19-year old daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown plans to petition the court to have her name changed to Kristina Houston.  Media outlets (including TMZ) are reporting that Bobbi Kristina wants to distance herself from her volatile father and his image.   Whitney divorced the ‘Humping Around’ singer in 2006 after a highly publicized and traumatic marriage.

The advantage of being a psychic gossip columnist is our ability to ‘tune-in’ to a news piece and see what the real energy surrounding a report may be.  In this case, we asked the tarot a simple question – Why is Bobbi Kristina REALLY changing her name?  The cards pulled were The Devil, Queen of Wands, and 5 of Swords.

Why is Bobbi Kristina Brown REALLY changing her name?

The Devil – It is very interesting that this card lands first in the 3-card spread.   The Devil reflects the things that Bobbi Kristina needs to confront at this point in her life.  In many ways, the death of “Krissy’s” mother opens her up to looking at their entire relationships (ups and downs) in a well-rounded way and Bobbi Kristina will form her own inner understanding of their relationship.  Further, The Devil can represent Bobby Brown and his continued bondage to addiction and self-defeating behaviors.

Queen of Wands – Any tarot reader knowing who Bobbi Kristina is will be breathe a sigh of relief seeing this card.   The Queen of Wands is associated with the sign of Leo in astrology, and reflects Bobbi Kristina’s need to create her own individual identity.   This card reflects that she needs to form her own ideals and life and begin to live in a future that is uniquely her own and based upon her own inner values and goals.

5 of Swords – This card reflects Bobbi Kristina’s need to face her own limits and live within her own capabilities.  She may need to go through a period where she distances herself from the high expectations that surround her family, and living in the shadow of two high profile parents.  In order to become her own individual, she may need to go through a period of strife and turmoil within her family and those around her as she breaks away from her family cocoon and becomes a woman who can stand on her own.

There is no smoking gun behind Bobbi Kristina’s desire to change her name, although many may question her motives.  She truly is making sound decisions on her own and breaking away from the past in order to create a rounded future for herself.  Whitney’s baby girl is all grown up and will be a woman that is her own creation.

We wish you the best of luck, Kristina!

What do you guys think of Bobbi Kristina changing her name?

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