Kony 2012’s Jason Russell: Boys Gone Wild

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Kony 2012 co-founder Jason Russell hospitalized for exhaustionHaving your video go viral seems to be dangerous business in 2012, especially if your name is Jason Russell and you have the most viral video in history under your belt.  After 2 weeks of inspiring the masses to care about ‘something’ beyond the latest antics of Snooki or Kim Kardashian, it appears that instant fame, instant responsibility, and instant criticism have taken its toll.   On Thursday, Kony 2012 co-founder Jason Russell was hospitalized!

The Washington Post is reporting:

On Thursday (March 15, 2012) at 11:30 AM San Diego responded to a radio call to check the welfare of a male at the intersection of Igraham Street and Riviera Drive.  Allegedly, several callers reported a male wearing only underwear was running into traffic, screaming, yelling incoherently and pounding his fists on the side walk.”

The San Diego police later confirmed that the identity of the man was Kony 2012 co-founder Jason Russell.  Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesley has posted a public statement claiming that “Jason Russell was hospitalized suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.”

Of course by Friday evening the news of Russell’s hospitalization went as viral as his video.  Fortunately, several of the rumors have been debunked – most notably rumors of his arrest and public acts of masturbation.

So, what did happen?

Although we do not have a natal chart (as of this writing) for Jason Russell, we do have the event chart for the time the San Diego police were called to the scene.  We contacted Psychic Advisor Network world famous astrologer and psychic Storm Cestavani (EXT 78676) to ask him a few questions about the event.

Psychic Advisor Network (PAN):  Storm Cestavani, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment on this chart.

Storm Cestavani (SC):  Thank you, for asking me to do it!   I am glad to be able to help.

PAN:  Storm, Gemini is rising in the event chart.  What does this reveal about the event?

SC:  The sign rising in an event chart signifies who is taking the action that causes the event to occur.   In this case, it represents Jason Russell whose behavior led the police to the scene of the incident.  Since the sign rising is Gemini, it reveals that many conflicting thoughts were going on in Jason’s mind.  This is confirmed by other placements within the chart.

I get the feeling that Jason is an intuitive type who is concerned about the future, its possibilities, and the ability to dispel darkness in order to replace it with something that allows one to live fully.   I think this is the reason why he got involved in repudiating such a darkened figure like Jospeh Kony.

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PAN:  What did you find significant in the chart?

SC:  My mind was not really drawn to the Ascendant, but immediately went to the 7th house where the Moon (every event charts co-ruler) and Pluto are conjoined.   This is the house of open enemies, and we could also call this the house of critics.   Jason Russell has received many negative attacks from pretty much every intellectual subset from Christianity to those with more metaphysical leanings.

The Moon in the chart is where we find security, where we get our nourishment, and our need to belong.   This Moon is in Capricorn which needs to feel accepted by others and the larger public in order to find a sense of emotional connection.  Jason expected people to jump on board and was probably shocked to find the level of criticism he received.  Pluto being in this house reveals that Kony 2012 is a threatening proposition, because it involves facing many realities of human darkness that the “have a nice day” culture would rather ignore or view from a distant sanitized perspective that does not really impinge on someone’s life.

PAN:  When the news broke, immediately reporters were questioning whether drugs were involved and there was one report of inappropriate sexual conduct.  Since then, the masturbation claims and drugs have been debunked, why do you think that was reported?

SC:  Well for one it makes a better story!  Our minds ability to understand events is based upon our ability to make sense of something.   Our culture would prefer to blame drugs and sexual perversions for behaviors rather than admit that some kind of breakdown has occurred.  I remember when Mariah Carey had her famous physical breakdown and started acting erratically, the same thing occurred – we would rather believe someone has taken something than to believe that the realities of life have weighed her down and something broke.  After all, if it happens to them then it just might happen to us.  Most people in western culture do not have the stomach or the patience to deal with mental health problems – even if those problems are transitory.   We would rather blame an alien substance than believe that the substance comes from within.

PAN:  So, do you feel that there were no drugs involved?

SC:  The chart really does not support drugs.  Mercury the ruler of Gemini represents Jason Russell; it is located in impulsive Aries and applying to a conjunction with Uranus.  These are both mental planets.  Also, Mercury is making a challenging aspect to both Moon and Pluto which would imply that something obsessive and compulsive is occurring at the time of the event.  Now, if Neptune or possibly Jupiter were involved with an emphasis on the 12th house then I would question an involvement with drugs, but Uranus and Pluto describe something totally different.

PAN:  What is the difference between Mercury-Uranus and Mercury-Pluto?

Is Bipolar Disorder responsible for Jason Russell's breakdown?SC:  The nature of Mercury is thinking, communicating, ideas, thoughts, and concepts, and is the planet that gives us the ability to understand life and living.  Uranus and Pluto are both collective planets that are concerned about the progress and evolution of the species and not really concerned with the individual.  Mercury and Uranus are concerned with ideas of improvement and ways in which society can be better and more adaptable.   On the other hand, Mercury and Pluto are about knowledge being a question of survival.  Any planet that Pluto aspects in the horoscope feels threatened, and in this case it is the very progressive ideas that Jason Russell espouses.   Needless to say, Mercury in aspect to Pluto can be very paranoid.

Looking at this chart, I keep envisioning the story of Orestes, who was in a battle between mother right and father right.  It is a classic story that in many ways reflects what we call in psychological circles Bipolar Disorder.  It would not surprise me if we find out that he receives this diagnosis, because it fits the criteria for his behavior.

PAN:  Can this chart reveal anything about the future of Kony 2012 based on this event?

SC:  In order to make a full statement, I would need to look at the chart for the organization.  Based on this chart, I am not so optimistic about Jason Russell’s long term involvement.  The Moon – which rules timing and the future in an event chart – is making a lot of difficult aspects.   It is applying to a conjunction with Pluto and its last aspect it makes is a square to Saturn which rules the 8th house of death.  I really do not know if the organization can benefit from having Jason Russell as its spokesperson – and he may be considered damaged goods at this point.  As I stated, our culture really does not have the stomach for this sort of stuff.

PAN:  Any advice for Jason Russell?

SC:  I really feel that Jason needs to find a stronger support system that will allow him to connect to people in an emotional way that allows him to develop a stronger skin and a stronger sense of self-worth.  This could help him develop a safe system to go to if he tries to do humanitarian work in the future.

PAN:  Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter Storm.

SC:  It was my pleasure.

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