Jennifer Lopez — Will She Return to American Idol in 2013?

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Will Jennifer Lopez leave American Idol?Is this Jennifer Lopez déjà vu?

Last June (2011) the question of whether or not the current queen of American Idol would return for a 2nd season was rampant all across the entertainment blogosphere.  Jennifer told the BBC then that she was “on the fence” about whether or not she would come back to the top rated music show, and it appears that Jennifer is singing the same tune now (would this be the remix?).  According to TMZ, the “Dance Again” singer is weighing her options once again, and the executives at American Idol are unsure whether or not J-Lo will return.

Nigel Lythgoe, the executive producer of American Idol told TMZ, “We want her back. I want her back.”

Forbes recently wrote an article on Jennifer Lopez attributing much of her recent career resurrection to her appearance as a judge on Idol.

In the last year she graced 46 major magazine covers, topped People’s 2011 Most Beautiful list, signed deals with L’Oréal, Gillette, Fiat and TOUS jewelry, and launched a Jennifer Lopez collection of clothing for Kohl’s. Besides judging Idol, she’s released her first album in four years, Love?, and picked up three movie roles (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Parker, which is due out in 2013). In the past 12 months, FORBES estimates, she raked in a whopping $52 million—enough money, when combined with her media omnipresence, to complete a remarkable comeback. Last year Lopez was number 50 on FORBES’ annual Celebrity 100 list—this year she’s number one.

Our question is, “Will Jennifer Return to American Idol in 2013?”  We used the mystical tarot (In this case we used Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot) to answer these questions for us.

Spread Position 1:  Where is J-Lo now?

Card – Knight of Swords:  Whether or not she should move beyond Idol is heavily on Jennifer’s mind.   All of the Knights in the tarot reflect changes and movements and this card reflecting ‘mental processes’ it is clear that Jennifer is in a position in which she has to make a lot of choices about her future.

Spread Position 2:  The Obstacle Card

Card – 7 of Wands:  Being a woman in your 40’s is an interesting period in the life of a Hollywood actress.  As we have seen with actresses such as Demi Moore, it can be a period in which your star begins to decline.   Since Lopez is currently receiving a lot of offers to do feature films, she may be very cognizant of the competition and that the window of opportunity may be passing her before her eyes.  Will Jennifer take advantage of these opportunities or continue to stay in the comfortable position of being a judge?

Spread Position 3:   What is on her mind?

Card – Wheel of Fortune:  The Wheel of Fortune augurs that Jennifer is looking at change in her life at this point.  As a fiery Leo, she may have difficulties doing repetitious things over and over.  American Idol might feel like too much of a box for her.

Spread Position 4:  What is in ‘Jenny from the Blocks’ heart?

Card – Knight of Wands:  Like the Wheel of Fortune and Knight of Swords, the Knight of Wands is a card of change.  This fiery card could reflect the attention that she has preparing for her tour with Enrique Iglesias this summer.   She may just want to ‘Dance Again’.   In many ways, she craves the spotlight which she does not receive as a judge.

Spread Position 5:  The Advice Card

Card – 6 of Swords:  The tarot is encouraging Jennifer to move forward beyond Idol.   Based on the previous cards she needs change and she needs the spotlight.

Spread Position 5:  The Outcome

Card – 2 of Wands:  The 2 of Wands appearing as a final outcome card reveals that she needs to be true to herself and her own career ambitions.  She may have needed American Idol to get her light shining again, but she truly needs to take advantage of the light while it continues to pour from her.   If she continues on Idol, it would only be for one more season – although the cards are more predicting a change.

What do you think?  Will J-Lo stay for another season or will American Idol be looking for another judge?

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