Free Psychic Readings — How To Get The Most Out Of Yours

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Free psychic readings are one of the easiest risk free methods of introducing someone to the world of psychic phenomena.  Here at the Psychic Advisor Network we utilize free psychic readings regularly to give our clients an opportunity to get to know our psychics before the purchase a reading.  We find our clients more appreciative of this free opportunity, and continue to use our services based on our risk free offer.

In many cases, some people have never had a psychic reading before and often do not how to approach them.   To resolve this, we have created this guide for you to use when you get your free psychic reading.

Before The Reading:

1.      Before the Reading

Take some time to decide the issues in your life that you would like to cover during your psychic reading.

Take some time to think about the type of reading you would like.

Write down your questions on a sheet of paper.

Look over the profiles of our Psychic Advisors and chose one you feel a connection to.

Make sure you are in a quiet location when you make your call

2.   During the Reading

Stay in a quiet location

Take notes of the answers that are given to you by your psychic advisor regarding the questions and concerns that you have in your life.

Do not be afraid to ask questions!  If you would like more information just ask your Psychic Advisor if they could provide you with additional information about your question.

If you need clarification or you did not understand the answer that your Psychic Advisor gave you then ask the psychic to explain it to you or repeat the information again.

3.    After the Reading

Be gentle with yourself – new information can be overwhelming.

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