Psychic Advisors — 5 Tips to Getting The Best Psychic Advice

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A psychic advisor is a special kind of friend.  One you can rely on to help you through the difficult times in your life.

Choosing a psychic advisor can be a rather daunting task – especially if you have never had a psychic reading!

We have compiled a quick and easy guide with 5 tips to help you chose your psychic advisor.

Tip 1:  Type of Psychics:

There are many types of psychics from mediums to clairvoyants to tarot readers to astrologers.   The type of psychic that consult with really depends on what type of reading you want.  If you are interested in information from deceased relatives then you will want to consult with a medium.  If you are interested in receiving information about a significant other a clairvoyant or a tarot reader might be your choice.  If you are interested in precise timing then you might want to consult with an astrologer.  Several months ago we published the guide, “Top 20 Different Types of Psychic Readings.” – You might want to check this out to get a flavor of the different types of psychic readings that are available.

Tip 2:  Gut Connection:

Never doubt your intuition!  When you are scanning through a list of advisors or visiting an advisors website, ask yourself some very simply questions.  Does this person interest me?  Do I feel a connection with them?  Is my gut telling them to give them a call?  Do they offer the services and answer the questions that I want answered?  Utilizing your inner gut instincts while picking an advisor is important.  Take your time; our advisors are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Tip 3:  Does the Sex Matter?

While choosing an advisor another consideration might be the psychic’s gender.   Many of our clients call men or women for different purposes.  For example, if you want a male understanding of relationships and want to get masculine insight into your relationship or career matters then a male psychic might be the choice for you.   If you are looking for someone who understands how you feel in your relationship from a female perspective, you might want to consider a female reader.

Tip 4:  Feedback (Social Proof):

One of the most exciting features of the Psychic Advisor Network is that we have a well-developed feedback system that allows all of our clients to leave feedback after each paid call.  We believe that the quality and integrity of this system guarantees that our clients get a high quality reading with an intuitive.  Not every psychic will be able to connect with everyone, but if you see that the majority of the readings are positive that makes you feel a little more secure with your selection.

Be very careful of services that only have positive feedback.   We have noticed that many websites only put up the feedback that shines, and not the full feedback.  If you see 0 negative reviews from a psychic then you might want to question the testimonials. 

Tip 5:  Not All Psychic Services Are Created Equally:

This is probably our most important tip!  Here at the network, all of our psychic advisors own their own independent business and are not employees or contractors of our service.  Their readings are their readings and they are responsible for them.  In other words, they are not hiding behind a corporate shield.  In addition, our psychics receive the majority of the fees that you pay for each and every reading they receive.

You may want to check on the company’s business model.  If a psychic is only being paid a minimum amount to field calls for a giant corporation with a giant advertising budget, then you might want to consider whether or not you might receive a low quality reading.

We hope this helps you out on your psychic search!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Are you curious about relationships, money matters, or your career?  Is new love on its way or is a better job around the corner?  Our psychic advisors are standing by to take your call to help you with the issues and concerns that you have in your life.   You can get a question answered right now for free by calling 1-800-575-9962.  Or you can get a 10-minute reading for only $1.99 by calling 1-800-579-9205. Don’t worry about tomorrow when you can find out your future TODAY!

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