Levi Johnston: Can He Get His Life Together?

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Levi Johnston:  Can He Get His Life Together?


Levi Johnston seems to have himself in a pickle once again.   The father of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s oldest grandchild Tripp is said to be living at home with his drug dealer mother.

The Daily News is reporting that Levi has spent an estimated one million dollars in earnings by purchasing four wheelers, guns, and boats.   He is now broke and owes over $32,000 dollars in back child support to Bristol Palin.

Levi is now expecting his 2nd child (a daughter he plans to name Breeze Beretta) with current girlfriend Sunny Oglesby.

How has Levi fallen so far off the track?   He seemed to have such promise when he posed for Playgirl and anyone who has gay porn named after them (Getting Levi’s Johnson) should have propelled him to the celebrity stratosphere right next to Kim Kardashian.

Well, since we deal in helping the lives of celebrities (even faux ones) with our psychic abilities, we have decided to give Levi a hand.

3 Ways Levi Can Put His Life Back Together:

We will be using Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Tarot to perform this reading using a standard 3 card spread.
Card 1:  Ten of Wands:  This is an interesting card for Levi to get.  The 10 of Wands is a card of oppression and burden.  Possibly Levi is bottoming out on his lifestyle and needs some form of new beginning.  The suit of wands is very interesting because they reflect the creative journey through life, which usually involves our vocation and our job.   The lifestyle of glitz and glamor and being the father of a famous politician’s grandson can be overwhelming at times, and the end vision might not be what Levi expected.

Card 2:  The Hermit:  This card reflects Levi needs to deeply reflect on what he wants out of his future.  Although it may seem tacky to some, his returning home to his Mom might be the best thing for him at this time.  He may need to be isolated in order to decide what is important to him.

Card 3:  The Queen of Pentacles:  This is the money queen card of the tarot.  This queen is very practical and down to earth.  It instructs Levi to start thinking about his responsibilities and possibly finding more of a traditional job for the time being.   This will give him the security he needs in his life, and help him take care of his two children.

What do you think will help Levi put his life back together?

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