Pinterest: How To Use It As An Oracle

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Pinterest:  How To Use It As An OracleAre you a member of Pinterest?  If not, you are missing out on the third largest social network (already) on the Internet.  Whereas other social networks (Twitter and Facebook) are focused on status updates and micro blogging, Pinterest focuses on pictures.  In essence, it is a giant computerized corkboard where you can place all of your interests in one place.

Pinterest has become so popular that several celebrities have even jumped on the ‘pinning’ bandwagon.   This includes President Barack Obama, Martha Stewart, and Alanis Morisette.  Also, many of the businesses you have come to love have decided to use Pinterest to show off their product lines and develop interesting relationships with their clients.

So, I am sure that you are wondering – How can you possibly use Pinterest as an oracle for a reading?  That’s the simple part!

Since the beginning of civilization, images have had a powerful effect on the human psyche.  The ancient Chinese used to burn bones, and then read them to understand the intentions of the Gods.  The Egyptians read the annual flooding of the Nile to discern whether or not they were under their Gods protection and favor.  Even today, black cats, shamrocks, stones, and crosses represent powerful symbols that connect us with the divine.

Whether we want to believe it or not, life has always been symbolic.  Some images fill us with a sense of peace, and others provoke great anxiety.  We unconsciously interpret symbols every single day from many sources – inner city graffiti, the latest fashions in magazines, and even the characters that fill wonderful works of literature and grace the silver screen in epic movies.

Out with Bibliomancy, In with Pintermancy!

Bibliomancy has been an honored tradition amongst diviners since the 1700’s.  Although simplistic in its nature, it produces powerful results.   All you do is ask a question, open a book to a random page, and select a random verse or paragraph that will contain a message of meaning for the person asking the question.

Bibliomancy has become so popular that it is sometimes used by psychotherapists to assist patients in healing mental illness.  David Burns, the author of “The Feeling Good Handbook” has noticed that bibliomancy often has helped patients heal from depression and anxiety disorders without the use of antidepressants.

In Kabbalah, it is believed that simply having the Zohar (one of the main texts of Kabbalah) in the home will protect one from evil eye, accidents, and insure prosperity and good health.

Surely if one can divine information from a book, then one can receive similar messages from the divine from images.   After all, hundreds of tarot decks and oracle decks have performed such services for centuries.   If we can do it with images in a deck of cards, then we can do it with images on Pinterest.

How to Get Your Own Oracle Reading Using Pinterest

If you do not have an account, you will need to go to Pinterest and request an invite.  Just enter your email address, hit the big blue “Request Invitation” button, and then a few days later you will receive an invitation to set up your account.

Once you are in Pinterest, you can connect your account to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to receive “friend” recommendations of boards to follow.   Simply select the people whose boards you would like to follow and instantly you will receive a stream of pictures that have been posted by your social media buddies.

Here is an example of what it looks like inside:

In order to divine a picture, you first need a system.  Since I like to keep things simple, what I do is I ask a question and then look at the time on my computer clock.  I then record the time.   Then I do some simple addition to find a picture.  For example, you ask a question and notice your clock time is 3:16 PM.   Add the 3+1+6 together and it will give you a number.  In this case, the number is a 10.  You can then go to Pinterest and log into your account and look at the message that the 10th picture in your stream (going left to right like reading a book) gives you.   For a more complex reading, you could use both the 3rd picture and the 16th picture and use both pictures in your interpretation.

Let’s test this out!

Question:   I co-host a radio show called Keep It Magic.  In September, we will go into our 2nd Season of the show.   What can Jacki (my co-host) and I do to spice the show up?

Time:  3:20 AM —– 3+2+0 = 5

Season 2 of Keep It Magic will feature more kabbalahThe Answer:   This is rather shocking.  Jacki and I both have a ton of Virgo (together we have 10 planets and debris) in our charts, and discussing Season 2 of Keep It Magic is standard operating procedure – even in late May.  We both discussed adding more Kabbalah in Season 2.   It is not surprising that I would get this result.

Do not be afraid to play around with Pintermancy.  Write down the symbols on the images, and let your intuition speak to you.  What messages do the symbols have for you?

You can create all kinds of pintermancy layouts just by using your imagination.  You can use your birthday, you can use the current date, or you can use multiple numbers – just remain consistent.

What messages does Pinterest have for you?

This is a guest post from psychic and astrologer Storm Cestavani.  He is the co-host of the top rated metaphysical show,  “Keep It Magic,” and the co-creator of Tarot Magic.  We thank him for his contribution.

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