Kelly Clarkson — Is Brandon Blackstock the One?

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Kelly Clarkson -- Is Brandon Blackstone The One?American Idol winner and pop sensation Kelly Clarkson has always prided herself in being single.   However, times have changed for the “Miss Independent” singer and she is now in a relationship with talent manager Brandon Blackstock.  The two made their first public debut last Thursday (May 31) in Tennessee.  Blackstock is the step-son of country sensation Reba McEntire.

Is Brandon the one?

Well, it appears that Kelly is very enamored by Mr. Blackstock and recently told US Weekly, “I love that I’m in a relationship right now.  I want a life!  The past five years or so I’ve found my grove and balance.”

Clarkson and Blackstock have reportedly been dating since last year.

We decided we would use the tarot to check in on Kelly’s relationship and see if there is relationship potential with Brandon.  We used a 4-card relationship spread to perform the reading with the Pam A tarot deck.

The Energy Surrounding the Relationship:

Free Online Psychic ReadingCardThe Two of Swords:  This is a rather interesting card for the energy surrounding the relationship.  Since we know that Kelly has been very private about her romantic life there must be something to this relationship if she has decided to go public.   The Two of Swords reflects a period of not being able to see the choices one needs to make, and this must have been a difficult decision making process for her to go public.

Kelly’s View of the Relationship:

CardThe Nine of Cups:   Ms. Independent is feeling very happy at this point.   She feels that her wish has come true, and she seems to be enjoying the emotional connection with Brandon.

Brandon’s View of the Relationship:

CardThe Nine of Wands:  The Nine of Wands is a card of past difficulties, frustrations, and road blocks.  Usually when these card appears in a spread it reflects that one has suffered or gone through a troubling period.  Brandon may have been in a very difficult relationship in the past, and he is still recovering from old wounds.   However, this card is a card of strength in reserve and the ability to pull up your bootstraps and move forward.

The OutcomeThe Page of Pentacles:  Although the relationship between Kelly and Brandon is still relatively new, the Page of Pentacles shows that with enough work and attention the relationship can progress.   Since both Kelly and Brandon are in the entertainment industry, they will both have to take time off to just spend with each other.

Good luck, Kelly!

What do you think of Kelly Clarkson’s new relationship?  Leave your comments in the section below. 

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