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Free Psychic Readings 1-800-575-9962What is a psychic reading?

This question has been asked by people from all walks of life.  Some people consider psychic readings to be magical experiences; whereas others simply contact a psychic to get practical information and advice about the problems and questions they have about their lives.   There are several types of psychic readings each a mystery of their own – but for the sake of article brevity I have decided to limit this blog to readings in general.

Legendary writer and tarotists Rachel Pollack recently released a new book called, “Soul Forest.”  This amazing book is a collection of articles on a variety of subjects using a type of divination through tarot that Rachel refers to as ‘wisdom readings’.   Rachel describes ‘wisdom readings’ as the following:

“The advantage of this kind of reading is that it opens us up to the wider perspectives.  Even when we do the personal reading we still look beyond our usual questions.  They also can put us in a sacred framework.   That is, we can use these questions and the answers we get to learn to see the world in a different way.”  Soul Forest – pg. 32

I have decided to put Rachel’s technique to the test and see what I can discern about psychic readings.   I will be using the Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke.

Free Online Psychic ReadingWhat is a Psychic Reading?

Card – The 6 of Swords

This card is interesting.  It shows a man who is moving out of the turbulent waters of the ocean and towards solid land.   Water is a symbol of the emotional realm and clearly reflects that the reason we usually approach an oracle is in order to feel some peace or understanding into our situation.  The number 6 connects us to the Lovers card in the tarot; a card about making choices. The goal of a reading is to lead you towards solid land – or a sense of structure and understanding that will allow us to make the best choices and decisions about our future.

When Should Someone Get a Psychic Reading?

Card – The 7 of Pentacles

In the Mythic Tarot, the 7 of Pentacles is a tricky card.  Daedalus has built himself a rather secure position as the craftsman of King Minos.  However, King Minos was struck with hubris and offended the god Poseidon; whom in turn filled King Minos wife (Pasiphae) with lust for a bull.  In this card, Pasiphae is offering Daedalus an opportunity to build an apparatus that will help her couple with the bull.

The bull in ancient cultures is a symbol of the Goddess in her various representations.   It implies a sense of divinity within the card, and the reason that people approach tarot is usually when they have some difficult decision to make and an inner need to feel connected to a higher source.   In the case of Daedalus, does he side with King Minos or does he side with a god?  Often when we approach a reading we go with a specific set of questions in mind and usually we have certain answers we would “like” to hear.   However, we can receive information that may not necessarily be to our liking but can provide us with a potential path that is better than the one we are on.  In any case, the card reflects the need to approach a reading when we need to make that choice – and in many cases it is best that we approach the reader with no anticipated answer in mind, yet the need to just have an answer so we can move forward into the future.

What Are the Benefits of a Psychic Reading?

Card – 5 of Wands

I was a little startled when I pulled this card.  It is the card that is associated with strife and conflict.   However, as I began to work with the card; my mind was drawn to the dragon which is in the possession of the Golden Fleece (what we would like in our lives or the objective).  In symbolism, dragons represent primitive chthonic powers that resist change.

Our lives are filled with dragon fights.  In order for us to get what we truly want or to understand how to get back on the right path, we have to face circumstances; situations; or insights that we do not want to hear.  The 5 of wands tells us to pay attention to the important issues in our lives and fight the battles that are worth fighting.   Often the fight and the struggle is the ‘rite of passage’ into a better tomorrow.

How Should We Approach a Reading?

Card 1 – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is about new beginnings in the real world.  This card reveals that we should go to the oracle when we are ready to go down the path is the best one for us at the current time.

Card 2 – King of Pentacles

This card is very intriguing.   The King of Pentacles is a master of the earthly plane and he is often associated with success.  In the Mythic Tarot, he is represented by King Midas – which is where we get the lovely term Midas touch.  The King of Pentacles appearing in this question tells me that we should approach a consultation in order to obtain practical (pentacles) advice about our future.   How can we use the consultation to make change in our lives?   After all, what use is the spiritual or the psychological if we cannot apply it in our lives in a meaningful way?

Card 3 – Queen of Cups

I will admit this is not my favorite card in the tarot deck.  The card features Helen of Troy who is a rather interesting cypher image in Greek mythology.  Helen tends to go wherever the wind blows and make choices and decisions about what are right for her at the moment.   In many ways, she is treacherous and deceitful and is concerned with only one person – herself.   However, the cards have multiple layers and multiple meanings and there is much more to the Queen of Cups than being manipulative.

One of the difficulties of the story of Helen is that we never really know what she wants or what she feels.  She seems to go through the motions of making choices and decisions over what will benefit her most rather than based on inner values.  Perhaps the Queen of Cups appearing in the reading augurs that we should be conscious of (both) what we want and what will benefit us.  Another message would be that we need to approach the psychic world through our emotions and what matters to us on the inside.

In my system of understanding tarot, I associate the Queen of Cups with the sign of Scorpio in astrology.  The water sign of the scorpion is a battlefield, and much like the 5 of wands we often have to face our inner shadowy figures.  We may have to face parts of ourselves that we do not like or that we have rejected.   By facing our inner most secrets, we become purified by the watery aspect of this Queen and can learn to love the person we have slept with all our lives – ourselves.

What Should We Do After The Reading?

Card – The 4 of Wands

Again, I was rather shocked by the appearance of this card.  I thought I would see the Hermit or the Sun or possibly even the Wheel of Fortune.   The card associated with a happy family life is not what I truly expected.

In the Mythic Tarot, the 4 of Wands shows Jason celebrating with his shipmates after the Argos was built.  In many ways, the ship that will take Jason and the Argonauts to Colchis is the reward for all their work and effort.  Perhaps that card reflects the reward of being on the journey we call life and being blessed with understanding our future a bit more.  After all, if we know the future we can ultimately change it and that may lead us to a life of happiness.

This is a guest post from psychic and astrologer Storm Cestavani.  He is the co-host of the top rated metaphysical show, ”Keep It Magic,” and the co-creator of Tarot Magic.  We thank him for his contribution.

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