Demi Moore — Can She Improve Her Relationship with Her Daughters?

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Demi Moore -- Is she ready to relapse?Is Demi Moore on the verge of a relapse?

Last February, Demi (49) checked in at the upscale Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah.  Apparently she was being treated for abusing prescription drugs, club drugs, and suffering from an eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa.  According to sources, she was encouraged to seek treatment after she collapsed and suffered seizure-like symptoms after doing “whip-its”.

Her recent series of breakdowns have occurred after her much publicized marriage with Ashton Kutcher hit the skids and the two separated.  Now it appears that her three children (with Bruce Willis) are concerned that their mothers is acting erratic and are afraid that she is on the verge of relapsing.

According to Radar Online, Demi’s daughters who were by her side during her hospitalization and rehab stint earlier in the year, need a break from their mother.  A source told Radar:

“They’re really worried about everything she is doing lately and they’re getting mad at her. Demi has been doing things that make them worry that maybe she isn’t staying sober and they’re not happy about her behavior.

“The last thing these girls need is dealing with their mother going through yet another episode.”

The online magazine further stated that Demi showed up at Tallulah’s high school graduation over the weekend looking unhealthy and the three girls are concerned that she may have relapsed.

Clearly the lines of communication between the Ghost star and her daughter have broken down.  We decided to ask the tarot how Demi can improve the relationship with her daughters.

3 Ways Demi Can Improve Her Relationship with her Daughters (Rumor, Scout, and Tallulah)

Card 1 – The Page of Pentacles

All of the pages in the tarot are both beginning and messenger cards.  As a card of beginnings, it might be imperative for Demi to show her children that she is starting over and begin to take control (pentacles) of her life.  She might want to convey her plans and her progress and show them that she is willing to pay close attention to the details (pentacles) in her life and understand where she might be sending her children the wrong message.   She needs to open up the lines of communication in the right way.

Grief can be very difficult.  We can get very caught up in our own needs and what is lacking in our life at the moment rather than pushing on and pushing forward.   If the rumors are true, Demi seems to be stuck on the disappointments in her life rather than what is working.  She needs to convey to her children that she is in control.

Card 2 – The 9 of Wands

The 9 of Wands reflects that Demi needs to show her children strength and courage.  We all go through difficulties in our lives (Demi is not the first person to be dumped by a younger husband), yet we have to pick up and move forward.  Although she may feel completely humiliated and overwhelmed by her circumstances, this card reflects that inside of her that strength does exist and she needs to show that fiery spirit once again to her children.  This can be an enormous amount to help them see that she is on her way to true recovery.

Card 3 – Queen of Swords

One of the traditional tarot meanings for the Queen of Swords is sorrow and widowhood.  In this case, it reflects that woman separated from her husband and mourning her circumstances.  However, the Queen of Swords also represents wisdom.   Demi should express what she has learned about her relationship and her circumstances to her daughters, and use this as a teachable moment so that they can have stronger relationship experiences on their own.   The Queen of Swords can teach (often harshly) that experiences occur in life that we may not necessarily like, but we have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and move forward.

What ways do you think Demi can improve her relationship with her children?

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