Mariah Carey — It’s Official, Mariah Joins American Idol!

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It is official – superstar Mariah Carey is the first new announced judge of American Idol since the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.  According to Radar Online, the Fantasy singer will pocket a whopping 12 million dollars for her seat on the panel – which is the same amount Jennifer Lopez was paid last season, but 3 million short of what Britney Spears will make for her first season on competing show The X-Factor.

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly announced Carey’s addition at his executive session at the Television Critics Association.

“We do in fact have one judge whose deal closed very recently.  It’s an artist that many contestants have tried to emulate. Because it really was concluded only hours ago our new judge couldn’t be with us.”

Reilly called Carey from the stage.  Mariah said that she was “so excited to be joining American Idol.”

The Fox President made additional breaking news revealing that Jennifer Lopez will not be returning to the show.

Within an hour of Carey being announced as the new judge, the tabloid press churned up its normal gossipy rumors.   TMZ is reporting that sources at American Idol were claiming that Mariah was a nightmare to work with when she was a guest mentor in 2007.  According to the website’s unnamed sources, Jennifer was a joy to work with and was very professional.

We decided to ask the tarot how Mariah will fare as a judge of the reality entertainment series.  We will be using the Sharman Caselli deck for the reading.

Card – The Devil

Could the gossip from the tabloid press be a warning for pop superstar?  This card being pulled does not look exceptionally favorable for Mariah.  She may feel overly tied down to the show, and outside forces might interfere with her performance.   Often the Devil is a card of lies and Mariah may be under pressure from the tabloid media who may just be invested in her failure.  Our advice is for Mariah to stay on her toes and watch out for daggers that may be aimed at her back.

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