Mario and Khloe — Season 2 X-Factor Hosts Announced

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As of last week, it became official – the two new co-hosts of The X-Factor will be Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.   Lopez is known for his many television roles including playing A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell and Khloe Kardashian rose to fame as part of the Kardashian clan on VH-1’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  According to sources at Fox, the celebrity pair of co-hosts will begin during live competitions in November.

According to US Weekly, Simon Cowell has been enamored with Kardashian’s personality since her screen test last summer.  He referred to her as “spunky” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (a former co-judge with him on American Idol) and did not seem to care that she had no experience as the host of a television show.  Lopez, on the other hand, has been on a number of talk shows and is the current host of EXTRA.

How will Lopez and Kardashian fair as co-hosts of the X-Factor?  Our psychic minds definitely want to know!

Get a Free Psychic Reading from one of the nations most gifted astrologersWe decided to use the Mythic Tarot to answer a few questions about Mario and Khloe’s future.  The cards we pulled were rather fascinating and revealing.

Question 1:  How will Khloe be received as a co-host of the X-Factor?

Card – The Magician:  For the youngest of the Kardashian girls, the Magician being the card (or kard in Kardashian speak) that represents her is a fabulous draw.  The Magician represents new beginnings, new projects, and a new phase of an individual’s life.  Since this is the first hosting job that Khloe has had, this could open the door for many future opportunities for her.  Also, the Magician card is the card of Magic and for some unknown reason the world has been fascinated for years with all things Kardashian.  Khloe will definitely weave her spells as the new co-host of X-factor.

Question 2:  How will Mario be received as a co-host of the X-Factor?

Card – Temperance:  The calm and balanced Temperance card reflects that Mario will be well received in his position.  Of course, Mario has many years being in front of the camera and his appeal to the ladies will definitely be a plus for the Latin heartthrob.  According to the tarot, Mario should do well in this position.

Question 3:  Will Khloe and Mario have acceptable on air chemistry?

Card – The 6 of Pentacles:  The 6 of Pentacles is a very interesting card for chemistry.  Traditionally this is the card of the benefic employer who is willing to assist his employees.  On one hand, Simon is very invested in these two hosts working out.  On the other, the card could reflect Mario helping Khloe with her lack of experience being in front of a live audience.  Although many consider the 6 of Pentacles an unequal relationship between two people; it is a relationship nonetheless.   This combination could work for Khloe and Mario.

Question 4:  The Outcome

Card – 6 of Cups:  One of the primary meanings for the 6 of Cups is simple happiness.   Since the audience is very familiar with the mishaps of Season 1 of X-Factor, this combination could bring a sense of pleasure for those that are watching.  In other words, the audience will be pleasing with the pairing.

What do you think of Season 2 X-Factor hosts?  Leave your comments below.

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