Tim Tebow — Is he Still a Virgin?

by Storm on October 11, 2012 · 0 comments

Tim Tebow -- Is he a Virgin?  As the Unites States continues to crawl out of the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, CNBC (a business channel) is not focused on job reports, stock portfolios, or the strength of the US dollar, instead it is focused on the sanctity of Tim Tebow’s (NY Jets) penis.

Woody Johnson (owner of the NY Jets) appeared on CNBC’s show “The Squawk Box” on Wednesday.  Johnson discussed a variety of issues including Mitt Romney, funding PBS with the 120 million dollars the Obama campaign received in donations in September, Sesame Street, and the Jet’s seasonal strategy.  However, the strangest question asked to Johnson was whether or not quarterback Tim Tebow was still a virgin.  Of course, Johnson declined to answer the question informing the hosts that he does not have discussions of that nature with the popular football hunk.

Since CNBC is so desperate for an answer, we decided to use our intuitive skills (in this case a horary chart) to give them an answer.    We asked the question, “Is Tim Tebow still a virgin?”

Get a Free Psychic Reading from one of the nations most gifted astrologersAquarius is rising in the chart which indicates that Tebow is highly unconventional and tends to stray away from societal norms.   In this case, Tebow being a 25 year old NFL football player virgin is rather unconventional.   Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, is located in the 8th house of sex.  In astrology, Saturn denies or restricts and being placed in the 8th house of sex, Saturn is denying and restricting the sexual experience.

The sign on the 5th house of recreational sex is Gemini.  The sign of the twins shows that Tebow is a bit conflicted by the peer pressure and his religious faith.  Of course, being a football super stud really brings the girls to the field, but a side of him may feel very conflicted (or should I say tempted) by his virgin status.   Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and is in the 9th house of faith separating from a conjunction to Saturn.  Once again, Saturn is denying and restricting Tebow’s action and since Mercury is in the 9th house, he will honor his faith.

Everything must come to an end – even Tebow’s virginity.  Mercury’s next aspect will be a sextile to Venus in the 7th house.  This could usher in a relationship at some point next year which could become serious for him.  In addition, since Mercury is in the legalizing 9th house this could also represent a potential marriage for the quarterback.  To add to this marriage recipe, the Moon in the 7th last aspect is a sextile to the Sun which happens to rule the 7th house of marriage.  Wedding bells are definitely a possibility.

What do you think?  Is Tim Tebow still a virgin?  How do you feel about him honoring his faith?

Storm Cestavani is the lead astrologer for the Psychic Advisor Network.  He is the host of the top metaphysical show “Keep It Magic”, and the co-creator of Tarot Magic with Coventry Creations.

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