PSY — The Man Behind Gangnam Style

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An Astrological Look at South Korean pop artist PsyDid you ever think that one of the top songs of 2012 would be performed by a South Korean pop artist?  Further, would have ever thought that an unconventional little man would garner more views of his video than any other song in music history?  Well, don’t feel alone; the Korean sensation known as PSY has shocked us all and has taught the world how to have “Gangnam Style”.

Well, if you haven’t seen his smash video you can see it here!


Psy (born Park Jae-sang) burst onto the Korean music scene in 2000 with his first full length album PSY from the PSYcho World! He immediately took the Korean music industry by storm and even received a fine for inappropriate content and has continued to stir controversy for most of his music career.  However, he did not achieve international fame until the release of his latest CD entitled PSY 6 (Six Rules) Part 1.

We have invited our lead astrologer Storm Cestavani to comment on PSY and his latest whirlwind success that has included performing Gangnam Style on stage with US pop artist Madonna.  Psy has called the performance with the Queen of Pop “the top of his list of accomplishments”.

Psychic Advisor Network (PAN):  Welcome back, Storm!  We are glad you are here to comment on Psy.

Storm Cestavani (SC):  I am glad to discuss him with you.  You know I have a profound interest in pop culture and Psy is definitely a pop culture phenomenon.

PAN:  Storm, how did Psy become so popular?

SC:  I think that with Pluto moving through the sign of Capricorn, as a collective we are starting to question the status quo and unconventional forms of media (mainly social media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) are making people starts that under normal circumstances would never make it to the top.  There is kind of a ‘sea change’ of what we consider to be popular and many innovative artists are taking advantage of this while they can.  Since Psy is a Capricorn, the cleaning out of the social bourgeoisie that has been the music business of the past is finally attuned to his Capricorn nature.   In many ways, he is a cultural revolutionist!

PAN:  Psy is a Capricorn?  Now, that is rather interesting and I would have suspected a fire sign.

SC:  Yes, he is a Capricorn (December 31, 1977).  One of the ancient symbols of Capricorn is that of the sea goat.  Of course, sea goats are not relatively that attractive and in the case of Psy he is not the orthodox pop star that is endowed with beauty and youthful vigor.  Psy’s musical prowess is not one of trading on looks and teenage girls, but on being this rather ordinary guy who has incredible business prowess and hooks that make him interesting.  After all, watching a little chubby guy dance around like a horse is rather entertaining.  Psy does have Sun conjunct Venus which his earthy practicality and realness is what makes him attractive.

PAN:  Is there any transit that you see that has brought forth his popularity?

SC:  There is plenty to look at.  Pluto has been conjoined his Sun and Venus for the past several years.  Pluto transiting through the sign of your Sun can often bring forth one’s personal power.   During the summer months when his video was becoming popular, transiting Mars was moving through his Solar 10th house of career and social standing – this would bring anyone in public life the attention of the public.   In addition, Jupiter is transiting through his 6th house which is a very lucky placement for him.  I would suspect that the next year is going to be very good for the Korean juggernaut.

PAN:  Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us about this.

SC:  You are very welcome!

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