Venus Sextile Neptune — Today’s Astrology — January 10, 2013

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Venus in Capricorn will sextile Neptune in Pisces on January 10, 2013Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces at 12:45 AM EST / 9:45 PM PST

Grab your charts.  If you need a copy of yours, you can get one for free at my website.   If you have any planets around 0-3 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces this forecast’s energies will be more significant for you.

Is love in the air?

On January 10, 2012, we get a break from the heavy astrological aspects that occurred during the first third of January and experience a beautiful sextile (opportunities) between Venus and Neptune.  This will be a welcome relief for the cardinal and fixed signs that have been battered over the last several weeks.

NYF_2012_160x600_D9This transit of Venus and Neptune gives us increased sensitivity to those that are around us and even though Venus in Capricorn often hides her feelings, she still has them. In fact, with Venus in this position the necessity to build foundations and structures in relationships will be more important for the love goddess.   Further, you will notice that during this cycle you will willingly put other people’s needs and feelings ahead of your own which is one of the foundational structures to solid relationships.

If you are currently in a relationship, this aspect is a great time to really express your emotional feelings towards your partner and spend some time enjoying their company.  If you are currently single, this is a great time for you to create intentions for the type of relationship you would like in order to attract that particular energy towards you.

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Storm Cestavani is the lead astrologer for the Psychic Advisor Network.  He is the host of the top metaphysical show “Keep It Magic”, and the co-creator of Tarot Magic with Coventry Creations.

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