Sun in Aquarius — Today’s Astrology — January 19, 2013

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sun-aquariusThe Sun moves into Aquarius at 4:52 PM EST / 1:52 PM PST

Grab your charts.  If you need a copy of yours, you can get one for free at my website.   If you have any planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius this forecast of Mercury will be of greater importance to you.

Writing about the sign of Aquarius is quite difficult for me because the sign is opposed to mine.  However, as fate would have it, I was lucky enough to be embraced by an Aquarian niece.

My niece is a very precocious girl and very bright beyond her years.   Recently, I purchased some Fairy Princesses for her (she is 5) and I explained how each of the princesses represented a different time of the year and governed over different seasons.  She then told me, “They are all different so they have something to share with each other.”

And there you have it; expressed through the unfiltered reality of an Aquarian who has not yet been tainted by the harsh realities of life.

NYF_2012_160x600_D9You see Aquarius is a rule breaker and it values above anything else to be unique and original.   Simply being part of the system will not do for this air sign; it has to do it with an ideological vision that offers something larger to humanity as a whole.

The mythic figure that best represents the sign of Aquarius is the Titan Prometheus.   Although he is a rather curious heroic mythic figure, he is not the symbol of man or their ruler, yet the daemon (benevolent spirit) that helps man develop.  He offers us the gift of progress in a world that often seems stuck in the Saturnian world of the status quo.

Overthrowing the existing structure is a common mythic theme.  Marduk does it with Tiamat; Cronus does it with Uranus; Zeus does it with Cronus; and even Jesus does it with the “old covenant” between Yahweh and the Israelites.  There seems to be a common thread in stories about overthrowing the old worn out methods and evolutionary potential. The most famous myth featuring Prometheus (whose name means foresight) involves him stealing fire from the Gods.  Of course, this irritated Zeus because fire being the element of inspiration, prophecy, and potential allowed men to rely more on themselves and less on the Olympians.

The sign of Aquarius is very telling because it is all about inspired thought and potential.   We can use this energy to make progress in our own lives.  While the Sun is in this sign, take some time to figure out where your life is stagnant and needs growth.   Where do you feel that your life is stuck in old habits and old structures that are worn out and no longer work?  How can you bring fire into your own life? Think of new ideas to get out of your current situation.  After all, when we are contributing to society in a progressive way, we are sharing the truest essence of ourselves!

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