Are you tired of those phony psychic reading lines?   You know the ones — big gigantic advertising budgets that promise you the world, yet fail to deliver?  Are you tired of not being able to connect to your own personal psychic, and are often stuck getting a reading from someone you do not know or do not trust?

Well, all that has NOW changed…

Welcome to the Psychic Advisor NetworkThe Psychic Advisor Network (PAN) is a group of the world’s most gifted and qualified psychics.   Our psychics are available to help you with the concerns in your life and provide answers to your most pressing questions!

Is he coming back?
Is he the one?
Is he seeing someone else?
Will my finances improve?
Will I get a better job?

We are now providing you with an opportunity to speak to one of the Network’s powerful clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, or tarot readers for an introductory offer of 10 minutes for only $1.99 (for new customers only).  No, you did not read that wrong!  You can now get answers to your questions — whether they are about love, romance, money, career, or spiritual growth for only $1.99.  Simply call, 1-800-575-0866.

What Makes The Psychic Advisor Network Different?

Unlike other companies who hire psychics for minimum amounts of money, our psychics run their own online practice.   Since this is their own spiritual work, our psychics care about every single caller that calls into the Network.   Our clients create relationships with our advisors, and continue to call on their services when they have questions about their lives or seek psychic advice about their current life path.

But don’t take our word for it — here is what our clients have said:

I called the Psychic Advisor Network and was amazed at the service that I received.   Not only did I get my questions answered, but the psychic provided me with additional information I did not even ask for.   — Judy C., KY

I called a psychic because my cat was missing.   I was astounded that my psychic could provide me with locations and a complete description of the area my cat was located.  I found her that very evening.   — Michael M., CO

I called one of the mediums at Psychic Advisor Network.  He immediately tapped into my deceased relatives, and before I knew it I was communicating with half my family.  I finally got the closure that I needed.   I was so impressed, I referred all my friends to him.   — Glenda S., CA

My psychic advisor told me that there was money around me.   I could not believe it, because my funds were low and I was currently unemployed.   My psychic insisted that money was around me, and that I would be able to pay my bills within a week.   Later, I found a box that belonged to my deceased husband — inside were some old stocks and bonds that I found out were worth over $250,000.   I still can’t believe it!  — Marcie B, NY

I talked to one of the network psychics and found out that my soul mate was coming.   I was shocked!  I was not even looking, but I met him 2 weeks later.  We are now married and expecting our first child.  — Chris A., CT

In addition to psychic readings our website provides you with up to date psychic information that MATTERS TO YOU!

  • Horoscopes
  • Tarot Card of the Day
  • Psychic Articles
  • Celebrity Predictions
  • Special Offers

and much much more…

What are you waiting for?   Get the best psychic reading of your life today!