Astrology Readings

What do you know about astrology?   Do you believe that it is limited to your horoscope column in the newspaper?  If you do, then let us reveal to you what astrology actually is – you may be amazed!

Astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination.  Its roots began in Assyria (modern day Iraq) approximately 4,000 years ago.  The Assyrian priests used the knowledge of the stars to advise the king and predict the will of the gods they worshipped.  It was an honored tradition that spread to the Egyptians and the Hebrews, the people of India, the Greeks, and eventually the Roman Empire.

Although sun sign astrology (that is what you find in the newspaper) does reveal information about the sign you were born under, it is only a small part of the astrological chart.  A full chart analysis would include the Moon, the 8 other planets, and take into consider your time of birth (if it is known), and the place you were born.  These planets combined with their interactions with one another form the birth chart of the horoscope.  An astrologer can use this information to get a clear picture of who you are, what motivates you, how you relate to the people around you, and what the best possible potential for your future is.
Over the past 30 years, the astrological world has grown exponentially.   A revival of classic techniques (Hellenistic and Traditional) and exploration into unique specializations (medical, psychological, financial, and horary) continue to evolve this ancient art in order to address the concerns and questions clients have about their lives.  In many ways, modern day astrology is a marriage between science and fate and those educated in its symbolism are able to weave the messages of the planets in order to provide meaning into future potentials.

Here are the Psychic Advisor Network, we are blessed with some of the most gifted astrologers in the world.  Here are some of our client’s experiences:

I took a chance and contacted one of the networks astrologers.  I was very worried that I would get a simple answer based on my sign (Aquarius).   I was shocked – the astrologer not only gave me very accurate information about myself, but explained why I have had such a difficult time in my relationships.  Once I was able to understand why I was attracted to men that kept abandoning me, I was able to change the pattern and a new long lasting love has entered my life.  Thanks!  — Anne S., MI

I have consulted with my network advisor for over 2 years.  He has helped me with concerns about my business using business astrology.   I’ve been in a bit of a pickle over the last few years with my business stagnating, but he has helped move my business in the right direction.   Michael I., Indiana

I contacted an advisor at the network for relationship advice.  My boyfriend broke up with me in January for another woman, and I wanted to know if reconciliation is possible.   My psychic astrologer told me that my boyfriend would reconsider in May, and that the relationship would move forward.   My boyfriend contacted me on May 5th and we reconciled on May 14th.   The timing was spot on accurate.  Gillian R., Texas

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