August 15, 2018

Kelly Clarkson Gives Birth to a Gemini

Kelly-ClarksonCan Kelly Clarkson prove that she is ‘Stronger’ now that she has given birth to a bouncing baby girl?  Well let’s hope so!  Kelly has named her daughter River Rose and this her first child with husband Brandon Blackstock.

The American Idol singer predicted back in November of 2013 that she was going to have a girl apparently in the early stages of her pregnancy – although she had not released it to the press yet that she was already pregnant.  Kelly stated in Parade Magazine:

“I’m totally gonna have a girl. I’m manifesting it! And when I have a girl, you’re gonna be like, ‘That chick knew it!’ “

River was born with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius.  She should be the social apple of her daddy’s eye and demand an enormous amount of attention with her dramatic and fiery Moon.  Expert her to be intelligent, witty, and highly creative and with her Moon in larger than life Sagittarius she may lean towards the entertainment industry herself – after all it’s in her blood.  However, Kelly and Brandon should note that she has Venus in Taurus in opposition to Saturn in Scorpio.  This could reflect self-esteem issues and she may need extra love and affection.  If her self-esteem is not developed positively, this could lead to relationship issues when she gets older.

Storm Cestavani is the lead astrologer for the Psychic Advisor Network and the owner of Psychic Friends Live.  He is the host of the top metaphysical show “Keep It Magic”, and the co-creator of Tarot Magic with Coventry Creations.

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Mercury sextile Uranus — Today’s Astrology — January 22, 2013

Mercury-sextile-UranusMercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries at 5:29 AM EST / 2:29 AM PST

Grab your charts.  If you need a copy of yours, you can get one for free at my website.   If you have any planets in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius this forecast will be of greater importance to you.

Have you gone through a rough couple of weeks?  If so, you are not alone!  However, after a string of never ending difficult astrological aspects, it appears that relief is on its way and change is coming.  On January 22, 2013, Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Uranus in Aries.

Whenever you think of Uranus always think of “fast and furious”.  Uranus does not like to wait any more than Mars does, which is why the combination of those two planets can lead to accidents and unpredictable incidents.  Whereas Mars has to do with our going out into the world to get what we want out of life, Mercury has to do with our thoughts and our ability to take in information in order to understand life.  The combination of these two planets (Mercury and Uranus) is rather electrical and you will notice an increase in your thought capacity and the ideas that are swimming around your head at this time.

NYF_2012_160x600_D9Over the next few days you may notice that your interests are expanding.  New areas of discovery that awaken your mind will be front and center.  Your excitement level is going to be on the rise and you will enjoy the company of like-minded individuals around you.  However, the most important part of this combination is the opportunity we have to solve old problems that may have baffled us or have kept us stuck.   Many times, we get very caught up in trying to do things the same way over and over, despite the fact that situations do not manifest the way we desire.  Mercury sextile Uranus gives us an opportunity to look outside of the box and begin to resolve issues and offer fresh solutions in ways that we were not able to see before.

Since we are discussing Uranus, who has great disdain for rigid structures; today is a great day for you to give up your routine and just do something different.   Add a bit of excitement to your life and enjoy!

Are you going through difficulties feeling stuck?  Mercury sextile Uranus could provide you with the answers you need by speaking to one of our gifted psychics or astrologers.  Simply call, 1-800-576-6079 and get your free reading!

Storm Cestavani is the lead astrologer for the Psychic Advisor Network.  He is the host of the top metaphysical show “Keep It Magic”, and the co-creator of Tarot Magic with Coventry Creations.

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Rob Pattinson — Is There New Love In His Future?

Rob Pattinson's fans want to know if new love is coming in 2013?We receive several requests a day about the future of celebrities, but the one celebrity that gets more email requests than any other is Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

So, what do his fans want to know?

Surprisingly, whether or not he will ditch co-star Kristen Stewart and find new love.  It seems the fans are still riled up over Stewart’s romantic union with director Rupert Sanders.

According to, Rob will make a decision regarding his relationship with Stewart over the coming months.   But, it appears that his family might not be on aboard for a complete reconciliation to occur between the two, and we all know what kind of pressure that can add to an already complicated relationship.

Will Rob break up with Kristen and find new love in 2013?

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PSY — The Man Behind Gangnam Style

An Astrological Look at South Korean pop artist PsyDid you ever think that one of the top songs of 2012 would be performed by a South Korean pop artist?  Further, would have ever thought that an unconventional little man would garner more views of his video than any other song in music history?  Well, don’t feel alone; the Korean sensation known as PSY has shocked us all and has taught the world how to have “Gangnam Style”.

Well, if you haven’t seen his smash video you can see it here!


Psy (born Park Jae-sang) burst onto the Korean music scene in 2000 with his first full length album PSY from the PSYcho World! He immediately took the Korean music industry by storm and even received a fine for inappropriate content and has continued to stir controversy for most of his music career.  However, he did not achieve international fame until the release of his latest CD entitled PSY 6 (Six Rules) Part 1.

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Joe Simpson Comes Out — Will It Affect Jessica’s Billion Dollar Empire?

Joe Simpson comes out of the closet.  He reveals that he is gay!In Hollywood, there is always a “gay confession” shocker.  This time it appears that it is Joe Simpson (Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father).  The National Enquirer is reporting that the business mogul, who is currently being divorced by his wife Tina, came out of the closet a few months ago.

A source close to the family told the tabloid magazine:

“Joe got the family together about two months ago and came out of the closet.  He told them that he’d tried to continue his marriage to Tina, but he couldn’t go on any longer and deny the fact that he had these feelings for men.  Joe said it wasn’t fair to her, and it wasn’t fair for him.”

Further, according to Radar Online, not only has Joe come out of the closet but he now has a 20 something year old boy toy.

To make matters worse it appears that the National Enquirer’s source is stating that Jessica Simpson’s billion dollar industry may be under fire as a result of her father’s coming out.

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Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — Officially Reunited?

Is Their Reunion for Real?Although the celebrity tabloid press are stating that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reunited, questions still remain in the air for the “Twlight” couple.

Entertainment Tonight has released the first public picture of the super couple together since it was revealed that Kristen Stewart “cheated” on Pattinson with Rupert Sanders in July.  However, skeptics (many of them friends of Pattinson) believe that there might be something more to their “reuniting” (notice they are not using the word reconciling) than meets the eye.  In fact, according to one friend, “despite claims that all is rosy – he’s still not completely convinced that giving their relationship another chance is the right thing to do.”

Let’s ask the tarot if their “reunion” will work out.  We will be using a past-present-future three card spread.  (Click card names to see the images)

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Tim Tebow — Is he Still a Virgin?

Tim Tebow -- Is he a Virgin?  As the Unites States continues to crawl out of the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, CNBC (a business channel) is not focused on job reports, stock portfolios, or the strength of the US dollar, instead it is focused on the sanctity of Tim Tebow’s (NY Jets) penis.

Woody Johnson (owner of the NY Jets) appeared on CNBC’s show “The Squawk Box” on Wednesday.  Johnson discussed a variety of issues including Mitt Romney, funding PBS with the 120 million dollars the Obama campaign received in donations in September, Sesame Street, and the Jet’s seasonal strategy.  However, the strangest question asked to Johnson was whether or not quarterback Tim Tebow was still a virgin.  Of course, Johnson declined to answer the question informing the hosts that he does not have discussions of that nature with the popular football hunk.

Since CNBC is so desperate for an answer, we decided to use our intuitive skills (in this case a horary chart) to give them an answer.    We asked the question, “Is Tim Tebow still a virgin?”

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Guy Ritchie to Marry Jacqui Ainsley — The Astrological Scoop

Describing his former marriage to pop superstar Madonna a “soap opera”, British director Guy Ritchie appears to be headed to the alter again.  US Weekly is reporting that the “SNATCH” director has proposed to model Jacqui Ainsley.  Ainsley and Ritchie already have one child, and it has been announced that the couple is pregnant with their 2nd child.

Ritchie waxed poetically about his first marriage to Madonna stating that he “enjoyed his first marriage.  The experience was ultimately very positive, I love the kids that came out of it, and I could see no other route to take.  But you move on, don’t you.”

Running a horary chart (chart of the moment a question is asked) on whether or not Ritchie’s new relationship would last; I was amazed at the results!

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Mario and Khloe — Season 2 X-Factor Hosts Announced

As of last week, it became official – the two new co-hosts of The X-Factor will be Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.   Lopez is known for his many television roles including playing A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell and Khloe Kardashian rose to fame as part of the Kardashian clan on VH-1’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  According to sources at Fox, the celebrity pair of co-hosts will begin during live competitions in November.

According to US Weekly, Simon Cowell has been enamored with Kardashian’s personality since her screen test last summer.  He referred to her as “spunky” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (a former co-judge with him on American Idol) and did not seem to care that she had no experience as the host of a television show.  Lopez, on the other hand, has been on a number of talk shows and is the current host of EXTRA.

How will Lopez and Kardashian fair as co-hosts of the X-Factor?  Our psychic minds definitely want to know!

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Venus Trine Pluto — Today’s Astrology — October 9, 2012

Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in CapricornVenus in Virgo will trine Pluto in Capricorn at 4:07 AM EST / 1:07 PST

Grab your charts.  If you need a copy of yours, you can get one for free at   If you have any planets from 4-10 degrees of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn this forecast will be of significant importance to you.

Venus and Pluto aspects are known for their intensity.   Why?  Regardless of the aspect, relationships will often take on a passionate and sometimes obsessive quality.  However, the trine (and sextile) are much easier to work with than the conjunction, square, or opposition.

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