Monthly Giveaways

Can you believe it is 2012?   It feels like just yesterday we were ushering in the new millennium!  2012 will prove to be a memorial year – regardless of the pop culture mythology surrounding it.

This year, The Psychic Advisor Network has decided to ramp up our social media outreach.  In order to do this, we need your help and we have created our Psychic Advisor Network Rewards Program for you.  So, not only will you be able to get amazing psychic advice from the network, but you can win some incredible prizes.

Each and every month we will be giving away the following:

1 – Amazon Kindle Fire

2 – Amazon Kindle Touch

4 – $50 Gift Certificates to get an amazing reading from one of our gifted psychics.

How It Works:

This is the simple part!   Every day we will check to see who is sharing and re-tweeting our posts.  We will keep track of these in a database, and once a month will use a random number generator to pick a winner of the contest.   We will contact you through either email or social media networks (Facebook and Twitter) if we draw you as the winner.

You receive a ticket for the following:

Join our Monthly Newsletter (we do not spam, and only send a content filled newsletter each and every month).  We use the technology of AWEBER to insure that your information is safe.   This gives you 1 monthly ticket regardless of when you sign up.

Following Us On Twitter – Just follow @netpsychic on twitter and this will automatically give you a monthly ticket regardless of when you sign up.

Like Us On FacebookJoin our fanpage on Facebook and you will receive a monthly ticket regardless of when you sign up.

We send out links such as new articles, daily horoscopes, and the tarot card of the day for free on Twitter and Facebook.   If you re-tweet or share what we post (1 time – do not spam people) we will give you a ticket for each re-tweet or share. 

If you comment on our blog about how the information has helped you in your life, or how you plan to use the information in the future you will receive a ticket for each comment you make.   Please, only put up intelligent comments based on the content within the article.   Unfortunately, we will delete all comments that are not relevant to the article.

If you provide us with a testimonial about a psychic that you have spoken to on the Psychic Advisor Network we will give you 1 ticket.   If you include a picture with your testimonial you will receive AN EXTRA TICKET.   You can send your testimonials to

Plus — all subscribers to The Psychic Advisor Network will receive special promos and monthly newsletters that are content rich and will help you make decisions about your life.

Now, let’s get this giveaway rolling and get these fabulous prizes out to you!

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