Tarot Readings

For the last 300 years, millions of people from all walks of life have consulted the enigmatic tarot to get answers to life’s most perplexing problems.   Although the tarot’s divinatory nature is only a few centuries old, the origins of this mysterious deck have been traced back to the early 15th century.  According to tarot historians the first deck designed was a gift for Italy nobility, and eventually evolved into a game called Tarocchi.

During the 18th century, the tarot resurfaced within the mystical community, and became a rather instrumental tool with the Neo-Platonists of the time.   The first indication of divination with the tarot came when a curious numerologist named Ettiella released the first complete set of meanings for the 78 cards.   Since then, tarot has become one of the most popular tools in the psychic arts, and Ettiella’s meanings are still very much alive in modern tarot interpretation.

The Psychic Advisor Network has gathered together the most adept psychic tarot readers in the world.  Each of our tarot readers are trained in the symbolic meanings of the cards, and how they pertain directly to your life.  Whether you have questions about love, money, career, or general life questions – the tarot can be used as a powerful doorway of insight into your past, present, and your future.

This is what our clients have to say about our gifted Psychic Tarot Readers:

I called the Psychic Advisor Network because of a relationship problem.   My psychic used the tarot to give me a deeper understanding of why the relationship ended.  She told me she pulled the 5 of Cups and the Moon card.   According to her this indicated betrayal and deception; she felt that he was seeing someone else before the breakup.   Four days later it was confirmed to me that he met someone on a dating website a month before we broke up.  My psychic tarot reading allowed me the closure I needed to move on with my life.           LaTonya P., GA

I was flabbergasted by my psychic tarot reading from the Psychic Advisor Network.  I called to get a card reading about employment.  I was laid off in 2010, and finances were starting to get really tight.   My unemployment had run out and I had no other options.   My psychic drew the 2 of Swords, the Wheel of Fortune, and Eight of Pentacles.    He felt that I was going through a period of indecision, and that I needed to figure out what kind of work I wanted.   He then told me that he saw a huge change for me and the possibility of a new career path in the future.  He was very accurate!   I returned to school, and began working in the medical field in early 2011.
Michael T., OR.

I called the Network to see if new love was coming into my life.  My psychic drew the Ace of Cups and the Six of Cups.  She told me that during the summer an old love would return and that a relationship would develop between the two of us.   In late August, a former boyfriend returned from deployment in Iraq.  We reconnected and have been together ever since.  I am still amazed by the accuracy of this reading.     Mindy S., VA



Here are the most common questions asked to our Psychic Tarot Readers:

Relationship Questions:

  1. Is there an opportunity for a reconciliation with my past partner?
  2. How should I deal with my relationship?
  3. What information should I know about my relationship at this time?
  4. How is my relationship progressing?
  5. What can I learn about my relationship?
  6. What can I learn from my recent breakup?
  7. What information do I need to know about future relationships?
  8. What effect is my relationship having on my overall life?
  9. What is my partner learning about our relationship?
  10. How can I communicate better with my partner?
  11. Would ending my current relationship be the best choice for me?
  12. What outside influences might be influencing my relationship at this time?

Financial Questions:

  1. What are the current blocks around me that are preventing me from improving my finances?
  2. Will my finances improve?
  3. What can I do to improve my finances?
  4. Is financial success in my future?
  5. How could I better utilize my talents to be financially successful?
  6. What lessons can I learn about money at this time?

Career Questions:

  1. Is this new job opportunity beneficial for me?
  2. What is the general energy around my current job?
  3. What do I need to know about my job?
  4. Are there outside influences affecting or hindering my job performance?
  5. What information do I need to know about my co-worker?
  6. What can I do to perform better on my job?
  7. What information do I need to know about the company I work for?
  8. What can I do to improve my relationship with my boss?
  9. Is there a better job opportunity out there for me?
  10. What is the type of work that I am best suited for?

Well Being Questions:

  1. What do I need to know about my current path?
  2. What are the general energies around me right now?
  3. What can I change in myself to live a more fulfilled life?
  4. How am I influencing the people around me?
  5. How can I have better connections to others?
  6. What information do my spirit guides have to reveal to me?
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